Trump Makes Hay on SNL

If you are Larry David, and if you hate all that Trump represents, and if you find yourself on Saturday Night Live when Trump is hosting, and if you see that the writers have given you a chance to call out Trump for blatant racism, and if that explicit point is quickly undercut by your referencing the anti-Trump forces that will pay anyone who calls out Trump for blatant racism, and if you acknowledge the payment (as part of the joke), and if you do not simultaneously point out the fact that the charge of racism is still valid…then…you have done essentially nothing to advance the truth, to fight the oppression, to secure your own integrity.

And so it goes, it seems, in the world now defining political campaigns, especially, as I ask and wonder, about the ways in which journalism and pop entertainment have merged since Clinton first blew sax on Arsenio Hall and questions about boxers vs. briefs became meaningful to the American mind, so that a media outlet’s need for media clicks overwhelmed its need for something touched by integrity, concern, or a mere or passing touch of the truth.

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