Why My Profile Picture is Not Painted With the Flag of France

I sincerely applaud those who post their prayers for the people of Paris on Facebook. I cannot imagine any reason to condemn their sympathy for the suffering in France.

But I am not committed to the Internet memes expressing that sympathy.

Here’s one reason: I don’t think the look of my profile picture will have any impact on the killers nor upon the mourning and healing of the families victimized by the vicious attacks. I know such postings are sincere, but sadly, I cannot believe they matter.

Here’s the other reason: I have not altered my profile colors for the 43 Lebanese killed by ISIS bombs in Beirut on Friday; nor for 147 students killed in Kenya by Islamic terrorists yesterday; nor for the 80-some Yemenis mowed down at a wedding by an American drone strike; nor for the thousands of Nigerians slaughtered by Boka Haram; nor for all the Americans gunned down in their theaters, malls, and schools. That’s why I haven’t granted the French special status. I am not indifferent to the terror and pain in Paris. I am overwhelmed by the terror and pain suffered by people throughout the world.

No one nation’s colors can capture that pain.

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