A 100-Word Rant (re. Trump)

I’m befuddled by and afraid of Donald Trump—and especially by his legion of fans who caterwaul at his rallies, who pummel the black and brown and young protesters gathered there, and who troll his opponents with death threats, racial slurs, and the grossest misogyny. Are they the economically and culturally dispossessed, made obnoxious only by their understandable insecurity, their sense that everything that once made sense is slipping away? Or are they merely the same old lunatic fringe that has always feared and despised the other? Are they now crawling out of the cracks when Trump turns out the lights?

I discovered a very clever web site: http://100wordrant.blogspot.com/. My students found it inspirational, and it left me with yet another way of expressing my considerable Trumphobia. There’s no practical, political use in spilling my predictable guts this way, but I need the therapy. 

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